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Classic Furniture

A selection of furniture collections featuring hand-carving, gold leaf accents, opulent fabrics and ‘Versailles’ styles for the Classic and Traditional home.


Domus means classical elegance, luxury, and comfort. These timeless pieces deftly evoke the golden age of European beauty, opulence, and craftsmanship.

French Living

Celebrating classic style, this is designed entirely to measure to fulfil and exceed the highest expectations.

Luxury I

Classic Dining Room furniture including Dining Tables, Chairs, Commodes and Vitrines, with designs prominent in hand inlay.

Luxury II

Collection displaying complete Bedroom furniture in various handmade classical styles.

Luxury III

Living Room furniture with strong focus on carved wood designs, available in custom finishes and Italian fabrics.

Luxury IV

Classic high-end furniture office sets that compliment any home or corporate setting. Material made of handmade carved wood designs.
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