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Let European Furniture Make the Lifestyle

People looking for high-end furnishing for residential or public spaces are often unsure of where to begin.

One way to think about any property may be to consider its purpose and the kind of mood you want to establish for the people who visit it. Are you looking for something intimate and low-key for you or others to enjoy, or are you designing a public space that you hope visitors won’t forget?

Sometimes, even family residences may want an element of flash in some rooms and a more comfortable intimacy in others. In many high-end homes, a living room is more of a showplace for company while a den, family room, or a library might be a quieter, more traditional and low-key space for residents and their families to enjoy. Is a homeowner fortunate enough to have space for a ballroom? If so, they may well want furniture that is designed to impress while fostering a more festive feeling.


Whatever you’re looking for, Naurelle offers catalogs that run the gamut of Italian and French furniture. If you’re looking for something more spectacular for a lavish home, a high-end hotel, a posh restaurant, or a distinctive office, then you might want to check out Lifestyles, one of the latest catalogs in our contemporary furniture collection. The line boasts a variety of sofas, armchairs, tables, credenzas, and showcases that aren’t afraid to announce themselves. Bold coloring, including a rich wine color, soft gray, and white chairs offer a pairing of luxury and comfort that makes any space a pleasure to spend time in.


For those more interested in sheer beauty than spectacle, the Senator collection offers pure elegance in a muted, eye-pleasing neoclassical style. It features superbly crafted Italian furniture with plenty of natural elements and soft wood tones. Senator dining sets, cabinets, chairs, credenzas, and bed frames offer pure beauty and understated coloring that is beautiful and elegant. The overall feeling of gentility, comfort, and tradition harkens to the very best of the Regency period and the 19th century.


Founded by Mr. Kayvan Nahai in the 1980s, the stunning Naurelle showroom has been at the center of the Los Angeles-area European furniture scene since it first opened. Located at 7970 Beverly Boulevard in the West LA/Beverly Hills design district, we welcome visits from the public during our regular hours Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays by appointment. Call the number on this page or reach out to us online.

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