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Fine Furnishings Make Spaces More Welcoming, Naturally!


Biophilic design is growing in popularity because it points towards a key aspect of how we relate to our surroundings. At heart, we humans are just as much a part of nature as our animal cousins. It makes sense that we enjoy spending time in a more natural environment highlighted by products derived from plants and natural minerals. Biophilic design is the opposite of a radical idea and as comfortingly familiar as a wooden cabinet, a sofa featuring comfortable natural fibers, or a porcelain sculpture or vase with potted plants or flowers.Think about how you feel about eating off plates made of porcelain or touching cotton or wool fabrics in comparison to eating off plastic plates or sitting on a sofa or chair made from obviously synthetic fabrics. That’s because, despite industrialization, natural products with origins that go back to the most ancient times make us feel more at home.


Classic furniture and accessories from Naurelle use many of the same components that have been in use since the dawn of human civilization: wood, marble, quartz (still one of the world’s most abundant minerals), silver, gold, and bronze – an alloy which marked a turning point for humanity when it was first used circa 3300 BC. Our accessories catalogs include a large assortment of classically styled bronze sculptures set above marble and quartz bases, as well as gorgeous vases made from the finest porcelain and decorated with rich floral designs.

Wool fabric products may date back to about 4000 BC. Cotton has been used in fabrics in the Middle East, China, and Mexico since roughly 2500 BC. Porcelain’s history goes back to China in 3300 BC but it likely took at least 2000 more years before it became a common site in the finest European households. Porcelain appears to have been unknown in Europe before legendary Italian merchant explorer Marco Polo may have brought dishes, cups, and vases back to his home in Venice. The new material eventually supplanted the wooden cups, plates, and bowls used in medieval Europe and came to be known as china thanks to its Asian roots.


Quality stands the test of time and Naurelle’s selection of classic European and Italian furniture is made using painstaking artisanal practices with their roots in antiquity. We offer the finest selections made from the world’s most beautifully crafted wood, natural metals like gold and brass, as well as the finest velvet and jacquard fabrics.

If you’re interested in a neoclassical look with a natural look, more ornate and stylized motifs from later periods such as art deco, or the very latest in contemporary European and Italian furnishings, lighting, and accessories, Naurelle welcomes you to our showroom. We are located on Beverly Boulevard in the heart of the Beverly Hills adjacent Los Angeles design district. We are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 5:00, on Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00, and on Sunday only by appointment.

Whether you’re the owner of a home or other property or a designer looking to create truly extraordinary spaces, Mr. Kayvan Nahai and our team look forward to serving you. For more information, call us at the number on your screen or fill out the form on our contact page.


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