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The Thrill of the Modern

Our Naurelle Modern catalog begins with these poetic words:

“Culture inspires our design, stimulates our ideas, shapes our innovation, enhances our values. Culture is life.”

Since the dawn of human civilization, culture has grown and evolved to suit the times. The glorious past remains glorious, but the traditions of design and craftmanship continue not only in classically styled furniture but also in the most up-to-date contemporary works. The tradition of European culture has its roots in Ancient Greece and Rome and that tradition continues in modern-day Italian furniture – arguably the world’s most beautiful, and beautifully made, furnishings.

The Naurelle Modern catalog offers a wide variety of furnishings ideal for the home, the office, or fine dining and retail establishments. Every element is marked by the clean, rationally thought-out lines that blend shapes – bringing order out of chaos and bringing the finest in old-fashioned craftsmanship to the deceptively simple, ultra-modern yet timeless designs ideal for dining areas, living rooms, conference rooms, and C-suite executive offices.

Every item comes from Italy’s finest designers and craftspeople to be a pleasure to use for work, dining at home or in a high-end eatery, or having a discussion – serious or otherwise. If you want to create a space featuring the best of the clean lines of modern design, Naurelle is the place.

The Medium is the Message

Professor and design researcher Dr. Claudia Mareis of the Humboldt University in Berlin has discussed how furniture in the modern and postmodern era is a form of media – specifically in the ways it was first seen in the 1960s by philosopher Marshall McLuhan. Dr. Mareis wrote:

“The belief is that, beyond their functional or technical qualities, designed objects also act as media conveying symbolic orders and as agents of communicative processes. In this view, furniture consists not of lifeless items that merely serve as practical, everyday equipment, but rather the objects are part of a material culture that interacts with human individuals and social positions.” – Stylepark, 2012

­­In other words, as much as a film, a television show, a painting, a piece of music, or a radio show/podcast is a type media, so is a table, a chair, or a desk. While furniture differs from other media in that it has a physical usage, it is more than that. Dr. Maries cited scholar and author Mark Kingwell, who referred to furniture used by writers and other people at work as “machines for thinking.” Not only is furniture a form of media and art, but our choices in furniture can also influence the way we perform our work – which is also likely to be a form of media!

Beautiful Machines for Thinking, Dining, Working, and Living

The Naurelle Modern catalog is divided into a trio of groupings, “three worlds in one universe”: Villa DesideriaVilla Essentia, and Villa Luce. The pieces in these collections are free of the ornate filigree we associate with classical, neoclassical, and even relatively contemporary Art Deco-inspired designs. Instead, they offer directness and clarity for a stunning minimalist aesthetic.

The emphasis remains always on form and function as well as beauty. The physical media commands a direct approach that is much more than simply utilitarian. Tables and chairs are made of differing wood, stone, and fabric materials but clean, smooth, and sharp designs dominate. This also includes coffee tables in unusual, you might even say quirky, designs can offer splashes of color and fun to any environment.

For living rooms and dens where a greater level of soft comfort may be desired, the catalog also includes a line of plush Feel Good sofas. Available in an array of shades including grey, tan, white, and cream, these pieces are ideal for those who want to add a more playful touch to their residential or even certain types of retail spaces.

Naurelle for Classic and Contemporary Furnishings for High-End Spaces

If you are interested in one or more items in our Naurelle Modern catalog as well as our countless other contemporary furniture offerings, as more classically styled offerings, we want to hear from you or even meet you in person. We invite anyone seriously interested in our pieces to explore this site further or, better yet, visit our Los Angeles showroom. It’s located in the heart of LA’s design district, adjacent to both Beverly Hills and West Hollywood at 7970 Beverly Boulevard, Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. We are also available on Sundays by appointment.

For any questions or further information, please call us at the phone number on your screen or through our contact page.


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