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Slow Furniture at Naurelle in Los Angeles

If you’re a lover of fine cuisine, you’ll know about the slow food movement. It’s all about food with a regional and cultural stamp using locally sourced ingredients. This contrasts with the highly standardized fare that we all know from fast food behemoths like McDonald’s and KFC. Of course, eating at a higher-end mega-chain restaurant like a Cheesecake Factory or PF Chang’s in Los Angeles is exactly like dining at their sister restaurants in New York, Atlanta, or Seattle – uniformity is part of the appeal. Slow food emphasizes the idea that cuisine is not only an expression of the culture of a geographic region, but also the unique approaches of the people who make it.

While we don’t usually call the pieces in Naurelle’s catalogs, “slow furniture” they are, in fact, the diametrical opposite of the “fast furniture” that metastasized during the pandemic and which is already clogging the world’s landfills. In 2022, industrial design professor Deanna McDonagh told The New York Times, the following. “I relate to fast furniture like I do to fast food,” she said. “It’s empty of culture, and it’s not carrying any history with it.”

Furniture with History, Culture, and Top-Tier Craftsmanship

At Naurelle, we’re lucky to have a discerning clientele that demands furniture be made to the very highest standards of quality, beauty, and comfort. Every piece we offer is marked by the unique artistry of the world’s finest craftspeople. Our classic and contemporary furniture catalogs highlight the latest and best in European furnishings, lighting, and accessories. Browse through them and you’ll see work made with a deep sensitivity to history and culture, all with a touch of the beautiful Italian and French locations that birthed them.

Classic Catalogues

Our roster of classic catalogs covers a wide variety of periods with pieces that celebrate the historic achievements of the artisans of Italy, France, and all of Europe. Below are just a few of these catalogs:

  • Domus – These ageless pieces hark back to the opulent elegance of Europe’s 18th and 19th century periods. Highlights include a spectacular three-base dining table accompanied by plush chairs and a handcrafted buffet – all illuminated by a dazzling 16-light chandelier.
  • French Living – Combining neoclassical elements with themes from the early and mid-20th century, this set reminds us why people around the world look to France for the ne plus ultrain high-style living. Highlights include a Grand Armée velvet sofa replete with decorative touches including old-fashioned tassels and other creative flourishes.
  • Luxury I-IV – These four catalogs are accurately named as they all define how conceptions of luxury have evolved over the centuries, from the classic age to the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements of the early 20th century. Luxury I focuses on dining areas; Luxury II features deluxe bedrooms with beautiful cabinets and gorgeous wardrobes; colors range from bright whites and pinks to deep and dark earth tones. Luxury III and IV provide superb examples of furniture for beautiful living rooms and impressive offices – all with a keen sense of history and place.

Contemporary Catalogues

Fine furnishings that reflect the best our world has to offer didn’t die with the arrival of the mid-20th century, nor with the turning of the 21st century. These pieces show that taste and style are eternal (and can be complemented with the latest and best in contemporary lighting). Naurelle’s most popular catalogs include:

  • Roberto Cavalli Collection – The legendary fashion innovator who popularized animal prints and other trends in couture brings his bold yet elegant sensibility to any residence. Designs for the living room, bedroom, and dining room can turn an ordinary habitation into a destination to remember.
  • Lifestyles – Avoid the ordinary with sensational designs marked by a plethora of ultra-modern approaches. These pieces offer both spectacle and good taste for a home that visitors will never forget.
  • Avant Garde 2023 – Avante garde refers to the leading edge of any art form. The Avante Garde 2023 Collection from Naurelle dares to be opulent. These living room and bar designs speak to the very latest cultural trends – including the ongoing cocktail revival –

but are made with a commitment to old-fashioned craftsmanship, offering beauty and comfort that lasts.

  • Lilium – 24k gold plating and deep brown earth tones highlight this homey update of art deco for the 2020s. Comfort and glamor meet, making for extraordinary spaces for extraordinary people.
  • Evergreen – The modernist movement started in Europe and came to California, only to further influence fine European homes and offices as French and Italian designers took in the works of Richard Neutra and Frank Lloyd Wright. Now, Italian designs come full circle with a nature-centric series of household designs. Canaletto walnut and quilted leather upholstery mark these airy designs celebrating nature and a luxurious, relaxed lifestyle.

Visit the Naurelle Showroom in Los Angeles

No matter what era or style of Italian and European furniture you prefer, Naurelle has countless creations aimed at discerning designers and homeowners who demand furnishings that reflect history and culture and make a statement.

Naurelle’s Los Angeles showroom is located in the heart of the city’s design district in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills-adjacent Beverly Blvd. Visit us during the week from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or on Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00. We are also open by appointment on Sunday if you prefer. For more information, use the phone number on your screen to reach out to us or send a message via our contact page.

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