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Entertain in Style with Contemporary Italian Furnishings

One of the great joys of having a beautiful home is sharing it with others — and that’s never truer than at holiday time. Whether you are a frequent entertainer who hosts large dinner and cocktail parties or want to create beautiful space to hold smaller gatherings for family and friends, or a professional who works out of their home and would like to hold casual business meetings and dinners, using fine furnishings with European flair to create a beautiful and highly functional space is something to celebrate!

As one of the nation’s finest providers of Italian and European furnishings and accents for designers and discerning property owners, Naurelle’s contemporary furniture catalogs offer endless choices for designers and homeowners looking for the very best in high-end furnishings. Below are just a few of our many collections that designers and homeowners may want to explore.


This Naurelle contemporary collection fuses innovative concepts and design to create pieces that are comfortable and fully functional but can be truly beautiful. Sofas and chairs feature quilted fabric with uniquely specialized stitching on seats. Sectional construction offers designers and homeowners an array of options for creating truly hospitable spaces. Richmond tables, credenzas, sideboards, and showcases offer earth tones with gold highlights to create a feeling of unpretentious elegance.


This collection keeps a steady beat of rich highlights and rich and creative coloring. Tans and light browns with brass accents create a unified field of beauty with beautiful wrought sofas and tables highlighted by quilted construction and real leather. Reggaeton brings beauty, high style, and comfort to any place where people gather.


Cocktail enthusiasts are familiar with two very important Harrys in the world of bartending. First, there is Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy famed for its inventive cocktails and its connection to Ernest Hemingway, and then there is Harry Craddock, the legendary proprietor of the American Bar of London’s Savoy Hotel circa 1930.

Naurelle’s Harry line of superb furnishings is well in the tradition of both Harrys, celebrating Europe’s finest liquid lounges. Ideal for those who want to make their social spaces as friendly and inviting as the most well-appointed lounges, Harry includes sumptuous brass accented bar units and liquor cabinets to help carry on the tradition of quality and style that goes back to the 19th century and its revival in the 21st century. It combines European and American influences while impeccably balancing essential and linear forms. Nothing brings a more festive approach to entertaining than having a beautifully appointed bar where fine cocktails can be properly enjoyed.


You can’t have a bar without bar stools and Glenda offers some of the world’s most comfortable, durable, and beautifully crafted stools that add the finishing touch to any bar. With brass bases and finely appointed grey and black seats and backs, these stools are a delight to the eye and a pleasure to use.

Let There Be Lighting!

Holidays from several cultures are referred to as festivals of light. Creating a festive atmosphere with light is important for any celebration and Naurelle’s selection of the finest contemporary lighting options offers new and creative ways to create a brilliant atmosphere for any occasion. The catalog includes a plethora of stunning lamps and chandeliers from our Villari Home Couture line whose imaginative creations bring 20th-century art deco styling into the 21st century with joyful flair. Options include:

  • Candy wall lights and chandeliers include golden orange disks the color of butterscotch confections.
  • Lady V chandeliers feature spectacular yet delicate light-pink orbs that bring an element of visual delight to the room that makes rose-colored glasses unnecessary.
  • Peacock Mykonos chandeliers blend aqua-blue with gold hues traditionally associated with Hannukah and other holidays.
  • Peacock Champagne employs silver and gold shades to bring the Roaring 20s of the 20th century into our present 21st century decade – we can’t imagine a better kind of lighting for a sophisticated celebration.

Celebrate the World’s Finest Furniture with Naurelle

Based in the Beverly Hills and West Hollywood-adjacent Los Angeles Design District, Naurelle’s showroom is a premier destination for designers and owners who want to create spaces that visitors will never forget. After you’ve had time to peruse our classical and contemporary furniture catalogs featuring the finest in European and Italian furniture, we invite you to visit our showroom.

Naurelle is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., on Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00, and by appointment on Sunday. For more information, call us at the number on your screen or visit our contact page. Mr. Kayvan Nahai and the entire Naurelle team look forward to introducing you to a world of beauty.

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