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Luxury Furniture Store

People who are interested in the very best are typically seeking out items that reflect their very own, highly distinctive approach to the world.  When it comes to selecting fine furniture, they don’t want items that are identical to other pieces, they want pieces that allow them to express their own individuality and bring out the beauty of their homes, offices, and other spaces. Designers, homeowners, and others who want the very best in custom luxury furniture come to Naurelle because they know they can rely on us for the truly superb pieces that will turn an empty room in to a true work of art.

While originality is crucial, at the same time, there is nothing completely new under the sun. So, our Los Angeles show room is stocked with stunning examples of traditionally styled Italian and Spanish furniture; for those with more modernist sensibilities, we also offer striking examples of the very best in contemporary furniture. Even so, for designers, interior decorators, and creative homeowners who want to ensure that each piece provides a unique complement to their spaces, Naurelle is here to provide furniture pieces that are virtual works of art.


At Naurelle, we take pride in the pieces we show off in our Los Angeles showroom.  We are, however, much more than a furniture store.  Our founder, Kayvan Nahai, takes a personal interest in each and every piece, and he is happy to provide consultation and advice to our highly valued clients.  He also ensures that each and every piece is built with only the very highest level of craftsmanship. Naurelle pieces are not just beautiful, they provide beauty that lasts. If you are interested in the finest possible custom luxury furniture, then contacting us should be your next step.

For further information about what Naurelle can do for you, please call the number on this page above, or reach out electronically to us via our contact page.  You are also welcome to visit our showroom on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles during our regular hours, or you can contact us to set up an appointment. We look forward to providing you with the world’s finest furniture and the most outstanding service possible.

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