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Contemporary Furniture You Can Love Forever

Some pieces of furniture never go out of style, regardless of the date or surroundings. No matter what types of trends in home design come and go, some unique and exquisite pieces will easily stand the test of time. Both in style and quality, the Italian modern furniture at Naurelle meets the highest standards possible for those with superior tastes. With over 30 years collecting the best in luxury European furniture, Naurelle is the number one furniture resource for interior designers and individuals who enjoy the finer things in life.

Whether you’re looking for one incredible piece of classic Italian furniture that will tie the whole living room together or you’re looking to design your home from top to bottom, Naurelle is your best resource. All of the pieces of classic, modern, and traditional furniture in our showroom have been handpicked by Kayvan Nahai, who is an interior designer with a keen eye and expertise in the world of Italian furniture. In fact, Nahai has personally picked furniture pieces for clients all over the world, including grand hotels, business suites, personal homes, and much more. He even offers his consultation services to individuals who are seeking out advice for redesigning their homes.

Naurelle makes the experience of buying classic, contemporary and traditional Italian furniture easy, with the help of supremely skilled professionals who can help you choose the perfect pieces that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Come by our showroom today to see for yourself the luxury collection of the finest Italian furniture Los Angeles has to offer.

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