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Traditional Italian Furniture

If one thing in the world embodies elegance and style, it’s traditional Italian furniture.

As the foremost purveyor of traditional and classic Italian furniture found anywhere, Naurelle is proud to offer a wide array of Italian style high end furniture along with gorgeous lighting choices to enhance the beauty of any given room.

 We offer many traditional Italian furniture choices hand-picked by our CEO and President Kayvan Nahai, so you can update any room in your home with hand-tufted fabrics, 24-karat gold accents, beautiful crystal chandeliers, and mahogany tables.

Just as an Italian opera is a spectacle to behold, so is traditional Italian furniture. The Naurelle catalog of traditional Italian furniture features gorgeous dining room, living room, executive office and bedroom sets with beautiful, dramatic plush curtains and dozens of mirrors that can outfit the room of royalty. High-end home furniture from Naurelle, as seen in our showroom, is the epitome of time-honored craftsmanship. The European furniture can be crafted to your exact requests with quality materials that will last for many years, never losing its elegance and beauty.

Our traditional Italian furniture is made by craftsman influenced by the Neoclassicism and Empire styles of centuries past. Modern or Italian furniture is a good choice, as well, for those who enjoy fine leather high-back chairs, or those who veer to classic Italian furniture may want to fill a large space with impressive, intricate designs. Whatever your pleasure, Naurelle can meet your requests exactly, whether you veer to modern Baroque styles or Gothic designs. Call us at Naurelle today to learn more, at (323) 549-5354!

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