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Elegant Spanish Furniture Options from Naurelle Will Take Your Breath Away

As the premier purveyor of modern luxury furniture in Los Angeles, Naurelle aims to please. We know that our clientele has exacting standards for their homes, which is why Naurelle President Kayvan Nahai stocks his Beverly Hills showroom with only the finest Italian and Spanish furniture you’ll find anywhere. If you want traditional, modern or classic furniture, you can find it at Naurelle. No matter which room you aim to redesign, we can help you find the pieces that will bring your vision to sumptuous life.

Connoisseurs of timeless artistry gravitate to Spanish and Italian style furniture simply because it often features the finest materials and elegant designs, which is especially true if it is found in the Naurelle showroom. It should come as no surprise that if a high-end furniture store has been open for decades like Naurelle has that it truly is spectacular to be able to be able to compete. The distinctively original designs at Naurelle such as dining tables in inlaid wood with bronze ormolu or accent chairs in embroidered Spanish fabric are intricately detailed and perfectly selected.

The dedication Naurelle has to meeting its clients exacting standards is what makes us stand out. For instance, we provide functionally elegant pieces such as our modern dining room sets with walnut wood and silver accents or highly-arched beds that are offset by sumptuous curtains as their backdrop. The team of designers and artisans at Naurelle ensure that while even though fashions may come and go, dedication to elegant design and craftsmanship is timeless. Call us today at (323) 549-5354 and see what Naurelle can do to decorate your home!

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