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Luxury Living Room Furniture

Los Angeles residences are renowned for illustrating a wide range of styles that range from innovative modernism to ornate traditional and classic design. With so many different artistic styles, it can be almost impossible to find a location that features luxury living room furniture to suit them all. Yet, at Naurelle on Beverly Boulevard, you’ll find a dazzling showroom featuring the premier Spanish and Italian bedroom furniture, kitchen furnishings and innovative solutions for the entire home.

Among aficionados of Old World sophistication, the Naurelle name has become synonymous with tasteful style and ingenious functional luxury living room furniture that heretofore could only be found in pockets of the most au courant regions of Spain and Italy. The Naurelle design team is experienced in designing high-end residential homes, commercial showrooms and grand hotels around the world, and due to their vast experience, they’ve learned to embrace the best of modernism as well as the timeless craftsmanship of classic and traditional styles. That’s why, at Naurelle, you’re as likely to find contemporary office furniture as you are elaborate, gold-plated and bronze Italian wall sconces and chandeliers.

At heart, the team at Naurelle consists of individuals with a true passion of European design, a fact that is prevalent in every piece of luxury office furniture and each home furnishing in our collection. If you’re looking to bring timeless elegance into your life through the luxury living room furniture found at Naurelle, visit our showroom today, and prepare to experience first-hand the life-changing effects of Old World beauty.

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