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Spanish Furniture

Among connoisseurs of timeless artistry, Spanish furniture is always easily identifiable for its use of the finest materials and elegant design. That’s why it should come as no surprise that in Los Angeles, Naurelle has become the premier destination for those seeking truly exceptional, authentic Spanish furniture.

At Naurelle, we are proud to feature the finest in traditional, classic and modern European furniture that is crafted and designed in Italy and Spain. While the collection at Naurelle features distinctively original contemporary designs, we are unique in that we recognize and embrace the best in modern and classic furniture alike. With pieces like our dining table in inlaid wood with bronze ormolu, and armchair with bronze ormolu and embroidered Spanish fabric, it is hard to argue with the intricate detail and perfectly selected materials of masterfully constructed traditional Old World furniture.

It is that very dedication to perfection that informs the elegant functionality of modern pieces like our dining table in dark brown walnut lacquer, accented with silver leaf designs, and featuring matching armchairs in black lacquer with Italian fabric. Led by Naurelle president Kayvan Nahai, our team of designers and artisans and ensure that, while fashions may change, a dedication to elegant design and intricate craftsmanship are always in vogue.

If you’re looking for the finest Italian and Spanish furniture selection in Los Angeles, we urge you to stop by the Naurelle showroom on Beverly Blvd. Our collection includes many sizes and finishes of furniture that are ready for immediate shipping to anywhere in the world, so stop by today!

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