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Luxury Italian Furniture

If you’re seeking luxury Italian furniture with the allure of Old World appeal, look no further than Naurelle. Famous for both luxury Italian furniture and elegant Spanish designs, Naurelle has the most impressive inventory of traditional, classic and modern designs of any of the furniture stores in Los Angeles.

The classic Italian furniture pieces sold at Naurelle are truly a wonder to behold for any enthusiast of luxury Italian furniture. These intricately detailed pieces will dazzle even the most seasoned interior designer with 24-karat gold plated chandeliers dripping with crystals or contemporary furniture designs such as a pair of modern accent chairs in Spanish fabric. What sets Naurelle apart from other Los Angeles furniture stores is the fact that Naurelle President Kayvan Nahai routinely makes visits to see his clients’ homes to supervise in their interior decoration schemes.

As a skilled broker of luxury Italian furniture, Mr. Nahai is accustomed to exceeding expectations of even the most discerning customers. In fact, Naurelle is able to customize furniture if the client doesn’t think every last detail matches their desires. This may be as simple as changing the color of the Spanish or Italian furniture of an accent chair, or as complex as switching out the bulbs in a chandelier and using a different style of crystals. No request is too big or too small for Naurelle.

Contacting Naurelle is easy, and customers are encouraged to reach out to the staff by calling 323-549-5354 or come to the Naurelle showroom in Los Angeles.

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